this is a series of my Instagram captions (some words might be misspelled or abbreviated as they were take directly from Instagram)

my hear weeps
my soul aches 
my eyes water 
why must our melanin be a threat to you? 
is it because we were once kings and queens?
the very history that you tried to bury is what we are uncovering today and you're scared?
we milk your tax dollars but you fail to provide a system where we can actually succeed without being rich? 
BLACK LIVES MATTER, although non violent, is a terrorist group yet cops can kill our unarmed people and walk free? 
black people wake up, walk out of our homes and think "am I next?", something a white person will never have to do but we are just "seeing things"? wake up white America, ignorance is not bliss

capturing someone in there most in their most intimate space (their room and their bed) is so beautiful to me. It's the place where they feel most comfortable. It's their space. Personal space and a space of tranquility it's most important for a persons sanity. Whether it's where you blast Frank Ocean's Blond all day or paint your life away, it's YOUR space and your sanctuary. Spending time by yourself in your own space is essential to mental wellnes

I love addressing issues of beauty standards to remind people that we are constantly fed lies through the media about how we should look. ESPECIALLY as women and young girls. Some women and young girls spend hours in the mirror looking at themselves picking apart their imperfections. But you are beautiful no matter what your imperfections are. No one is perfect. You are perfectly imperfect

the beauty of disposable cameras is that once the roll of film is done and developed, the camera is thrown away. Even though it takes beautiful pictures and allows the world to see how you view people and places and things it is just...disposable. We as humans need to learn how to let go • throw it away baby

Women, what can I say about us that will truly describe us? I don't know if thee are words to describe how incredible and magical we are. With our enchanting auras and ability to get shit done despite every obstacle our way, all I can say is wow. We are all truly beautiful and goddesses in our own right. We are remarkable creatures and I'm so glad to be a woman, for the world cannot revolve without us. 

What I love about photography is connecting with people that I know online and exploring their personality in real life and getting to capture them on camera. Especially if they are styling the shoot. It's a beautiful thing. I've said this before but if it wasn't for photography I would still be a shy shawty living at home and pursuing a career that I'd hate and regret in the future. I'm blessed to know what my passion is and even more grateful that I'm pursuing a career in it. I'm even more grateful I have people surrounding me that support me and want to see me succeed. Not to mention all of the beautiful people I get to meet and photograph

saddened yet inspired by these words. @saintrecords, thank you for your testimony. as a fellow black women I know exactly how you feel right now and exactly how you felt in that moment. Feeling unsafe in white spaces is how I feel very often. You always feel like you're being watched. The faces of others exude the question "why are you here?" Or "how do you even know about this? you're black" but let our voices, our attitudes and our courage to even be in a space where we might feel the slightest bit unsafe say that: WE BELONG. WE BELONG. WE BUILT THIS.

I've fallen in love with the color pink. I used to hate it because it was a typical "girl" color. When I was younger I never wanted to be a girly girl, I hated dresses, I hated dolls and I hated anything that was considered girly. Now that I am older, I appreciate being a woman and what it means to be a woman. Even though the color pink shouldn't represent a gender (because that's just crazy), I've learned that being a women, especially being a BLACK WOMAN is probably the most important role in this earth. Yes material things such as make up and dresses are strictly trivial, but some women don't have the privilege to afford any of those things. And some people feel afraid to express themselves with makeup or clothing because it is "only for women". Now I absolutely appreciate what it means to be a woman.

I love finding the beauty in buildings or just random things on the street that a normal person would just pass up and not pay attention too. Photography has taught me to find beauty in the grime and appreciate a spec of dirt on a wall or the ground because it gives the picture personality. • pink, yellow, grey personified

I've been growing my hair out for about a year and six months. My curl pattern has finally come back and I'm so proud of myself and my patience I've had with my hair. I love my natural hair and I love finding products that are all natural to improve my hairs health. This information is trivial, yes I know but I love embracing my natural state. It gives me a sense of freedom. I love when people stare at my hair in awe. You can look but don't touch my hair. • there's freedom in the fro

I got so excited when I saw this. I love catching rainbows in random places. The light hit the wall just right at that exact moment for me to see. The way I see it...everything in life happens at the right moment. You are meant to be exactly where you are right now. Everything that happens to you today, last month, and this entire year was supposed to happen and is essential to your growth. I reflect on my past experiences much like this rainbow • reflection & refraction

What would this world be like without any color? What would you look like? How would we view other people? Would we find a new way to describe things? Would we know what flowers to get someone? How could we enjoy the beach? Colors are so powerful and prevalent on our lives that a certain color can change our mood, make us feel anxious and give us feelings of comfort. Without colors our world would be dull in more ways than one. • orange and blue

I find it amusing what people do to be "better" than the next person. I take photography as my outlet to express my creative side and how I see the world. My photographs coincide with the music I am creating. Art is not a competition. I have so many things to learn. I am not the best at what I do but I enjoy what I do. That's what makes it enjoyable. My artistic expression will never be compromised for the needs of others or the likes of others • pigeons 

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